Frankenstein Character Design

  • Fully Rendered Francis N. Stein (Frankenstein) Working Stiff illustration with brief case, neck tie, and coffee mug that reads "it's a living". Character design for packaging by Mick Coulas.
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Project Description

Francis N. Stein – Working Stiff.

Fully Rendered Francis N. Stein (Frankenstein Character Design) Working Stiff illustration created in 3D by Mick Coulas.

The work-a-day world is fraught with frustration and boredom for working stiff Francis N. Stein.

But . . . it’s a Living.

I wondered, what would a modern Frankenstein have to do to survive a modern world? He would have to go to work, and trudge through the day like the rest of us. Here are some of the sketches I did to start the process off . . . Read More.